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Product Design & Development

Our in house R&D department with a full 3D CAD facility and highly skilled team are the starting point in every project.
These core skills, expertise and ‘know-how’ have been nurtured over a significant period of time and have allowed to vertically integrate within the area of research, design and development and are able to offer a wider range of ancillary services other than our core competency in precision machining. Such services include advice and technical expertise in product design, component prototyping (SLA etc), jig / tool / fixture design and manufacture, quality plan construction, product testing, technical authorship and whole product design life cycle management. Couple these ‘front-end’ services with our core capabilities in precision manufacturing, our clients can expect to keep their overheads to a minimum, whilst maintaining control of the development cycle, and be assured of a successful outcome with regard to product realization.

We are able to work from many different starting points, including initial design sketches, key drawings, and detailed schematics and sample models.